T Cells

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What are T cells?[edit | edit source]

T Cells are one of the most valuable types of white blood cells in your immune system. They play a key role in keeping you healthy and safe from disease. They identify, attack, and destroy infectious agents (like viruses). T cells protect the body from infections that have reached the inside of your cells.

Why are they called T cells?[edit | edit source]

T cells are born from stem cells found in your bone marrow. Once the T cells are created, they migrate to your thymus (an organ located behind your breastbone); this is why they’re called T cells. They develop and grow inside your thymus. Once they’re fully mature, your T cells live in your blood and lymph nodes.

Major Subtypes: Killers & Helpers[edit | edit source]

Your body creates several different types of T cells to keep you safe. Each of these types has a different role to play in your immune system.  Two of the major subtypes are “killer” (cytotoxic) T cells and “helper” (CD4+ cells) T cells.

Killer T Cells[edit | edit source]

Killer T cells[1] are nicknamed killers because they can actually kill virus-infected cells. They can also kill cancer cells—meaning they are super, super valuable. They have small signaling proteins called cytokines that they use to call for help from other cells when your body is mounting an immune response.

Helper T Cells[edit | edit source]

Unlike the killer T cells, the helper T cells work by activating other cells in your body. By activating your body’s memory B cells and your body’s killer T cells, they set off an even bigger immune response within your body.

What happens if you lose T cells?[edit | edit source]

Your body really, really needs T cells. When you don’t have enough of them, your body’s immune system cannot work properly, making you really susceptible to infections. And it’s important to know that as we age, we don’t produce many (if any) new T cells.

Covid damages and destroys T Cells.[2] This happens because Covid hyperstimulates T Cells[3]—it activates and stimulates them too much. When T Cells stay activated continuously like this, they become exhausted and wear down. And the result is that your immune system gets badly damaged[4]. Even so-called ‘mild’ Covid infections can really mess up your immune system.

Even people without serious Covid symptoms showed T cell exhaustion. ‘Exhausted’ T cells are those that lose their ability to fight off viruses (and their ability to fight off cancer). Hyperactivated T cells can also lead to organ damage[5], leading to serious health issues. In short, Covid is damaging our immune systems.