Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a contagious disease caused by the virus Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS‑CoV‑2). Covid typically shows up with respiratory, flu-like symptoms but Covid is not just a respiratory infection. It is a multi-organ,[1] systemic disease; a serious vascular, neurological, [2] immune-system-damaging, sometimes brain-damaging,[3] randomly disabling disease (CDC estimates 1 in 5[4] infections disable someone; PHAC estimates 50%[5] of infections disable someone).

Anyone infected is at high risk for serious heart problems[6] including heart attacks and strokes. [7] After a Covid infection the risk of deadly blood clots is elevated for one year. [8] Each reinfection does cumulative[9] [10] and worsening[11] damage. Immunity from reinfections has shortened to 28 days.[12]

Covid is airborne: it is in the exhaled breath of infected people. Covid spreads similar to smoke and will fill up rooms with poor ventilation or lack of air purifiers. Spreading and inhaling Covid particles can also be minimized by wearing high filtration masks. The amount of Covid particles you inhale increases the likelihood you become infected and increases the severity of your symptoms. 2/3 of Covid infections are caused by people who show no signs or symptoms of being infected.[13] It’s estimated that over 40% of all Covid cases are asymptomatic.[14]

Long CovidEdit

Long Covid can result from multiple reinfections,[15] as well as any severity of infection.[16] There is no treatment nor cure for Long Covid; the only effective prevention for Long Covid is to avoid getting infected with Covid. Everyone of every age and health status can get Long Covid.

The American Medical Association wants people to know that getting reinfected is “akin to playing Russian roulette.”[17]

In the US an estimated 4 million people can't work due to Long Covid.[18]

One in five doctors in the UK with Long Covid can no longer work.[19]

T Cell ExhaustionEdit

T Cells are one of the most valuable types of white blood cells in your immune system. They play a key role in keeping you healthy and safe from disease. They identify, attack, and destroy infectious agents (like viruses). T cells protect the body from infections that have reached the inside of your cells.

Covid damages and destroys T Cells.[20] This happens because Covid hyperstimulates T Cells[21]—it activates and stimulates them too much. When T Cells stay activated continuously like this, they become exhausted and wear down. And the result is that your immune system gets badly damaged[22]. Even so-called ‘mild’ Covid infections can damage your immune system.

Even people without serious Covid symptoms showed T cell exhaustion. ‘Exhausted’ T cells are those that lose their ability to fight off viruses (and their ability to fight off cancer). Hyperactivated T cells can also lead to organ damage[23], leading to serious health issues. In short, Covid is damaging our immune systems.


Paxlovid is an at-home treatment for Covid, shown to reduce risk of hospitalization or death by 89% if taken within the first 5 days of symptoms. It comes in the form of an oral antiviral tablets, taken twice a day over the course of 5 days. In the U.S. It's possible to get Paxlovid by paying a $15 fee and picking it up at local pharmacies by using

Studies show Paxlovid also lowers your chances of getting Long Covid, but Paxlovid does not treat, cure, or outright prevent Long Covid. The only way to reliably prevent Long Covid is to not get Covid.

Warning: Paxlovid is known to interact poorly with other medications, especially heart related medications, so first make sure it is safe for you to take.

CR BoxesEdit

CR Boxes are air purifiers that are much more affordable and efficient than commercial HEPA air purifiers. CR Boxes consist of MERV-13 filters and a box fan or a set of PC fans due to their high speeds and low noise.

CR Boxes can easily be built at home or they can be purchased from people who have dedicated themselves to building them[24]. One of the easiest to build is the Mini PC Fan CR Box by Joey Fox.

To keep up to date with new tips to ask questions about building CR Boxes we made the CRboxes Subreddit.

CO2 MonitoringEdit

Indoor carbon dioxide (CO2) levels give us an idea of how well-ventilated a given space is. The higher the CO2 levels indoors, the higher concentrations of potential infectious respiratory particles in the space. Investing in CO2 monitors can help us advocate for cleaner air by highlighting air quality problems. CO2 monitors like the Aranet4 give us an idea of whether a room is being adequately ventilated.


Masks are some of the best tools to protect yourself from catching and spreading Covid. The most important factor when it comes to knowing which mask is best for you is the seal. How well a mask seals depends on your facial structure and size so not all masks are right for everyone. It's best to test different masks and see which fits you best. Some of the recommended masks are the 3M Aura 9210, the Dräger X-plore 1950, and the Trident FFP2.

The Wellbefore 3D Pro and the Black KN100 Mask are similar masks and some of the only ones that come in black while also having a headstrap and nose foam.

Size Chart S->L
Drager X-plore 1950 Small
Wellbefore 3D Pro Headstrap
3M Aura 9210+
Laianzhi KN100
Drager X-plore 1950 Medium/Large

Headstrap masks offer much more protection than earloop masks but for people who can not use headstrap masks here are some earloop masks: Canadamasq q100, Breatheteq KN95, Airpop Light SE

For more in depth information and an extensive list of masks available in all countries check out the Masks4All Wiki

Mask Blocs and Advocacy GroupsEdit

Mask Blocs and Advocacy Groups are groups focused on Disability Justice that participate in Advocacy and Mutual Aid by distributing high filtration masks for free.

For free masks you can contact a group in your area by referring to the google doc or list below. You can also start your own group and add it to this wiki, the Covid Action Map by @CovidActionMaps or the Google Doc by Covid Advocacy Initiative. also keeps an updated list and information on starting your own Mask Bloc
Area Twitter Instagram Mastodon TikTok Website
British Columbia
Los Angeles
San Francisco
San Francisco
San José
New York City
Nashville, TN
Northeast US

Advocacy GroupsEdit

Covid Advocacy Groups are groups that focus on advocating for Covid Protections and awareness.

Name Area Twitter Instagram Mastodon Website
ACE — Action for Care and Equity
Clean Air Crew
COVID Advocacy Initiative

Long Covid Advocacy GroupsEdit

Long Covid Advocacy Groups are groups that focus on advocating for cures and awareness of Long Covid and ME/CFS which have similar symptoms.

Name Twitter Instagram Mastodon Website
Black Indigenous Racialized Covid Health
COVID-19 Longhauler Advocacy Project
International Long Covid Awareness

CPC Mouth Wash and Nasal SpraysEdit

Covid attaches itself to ACE receptors, which exist throughout your body (including in your mouth and nose).

CPC (Cetylpyridinium Chloride) mouthwash has been found to be effective at reducing the infectivity of Covid.[25]

Many nasal sprays have also been shown to reduce transmission or reduce the severity of Covid infections.[26]

Warning: These are new studies and these methods of protection are experimental! For the best protection wear a high filtration mask\respirator, clean the air using CR boxes, and ensure the space you're in is well ventilated.

Technology Currently In DevelopmentEdit

A pathogen Air Quality (pAQ) monitor for near-real-time detection of SARS-CoV-2 in air with 5 min time resolution.[27] This could be used in waiting rooms to detect if someone has Covid and alert them to isolate.

Stay UpdatedEdit

To stay updated on emerging information we highly recommend the weekly Pandemic Roundup (membership fee not required) by Violet Blue and the It's Airborne Blog by Joey Fox. Some useful subreddits to keep up to date with information and ask quesitons are:,,, and